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Runes bracelet

With their inserted magnets,  this Runes Bracelet strengthens and improves the immune function of the human body, improve the body's resistance to disease.

This finely chiselled Runes Bracelet is fashion and healthy!

Runes Bracelet : the meanings

 Odin is the chief god in the pantheon of Norse gods. His name is derived from the term for "wind" and "spirit". Through his suffering, his self-sacrifice, Odin brought the runes to us. According to the legend, he hung for nine nights on the Yggdrasil tree, the world ash tree, wounded by his own sword and tormented by hunger, thirst and pain. He was alone and without any help, until he was near to death, then he he saw the runes and, with a last, mighty effort reached for them and got them.

  •  Available in 3 colors : Silver, Copper and Bronze