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Viking Warrior Bracelet

Feel the strength of Norsemen by wearing this Viking Warrior Bracelet. Made in silver platted stainless steel, you can choose your Viking Warrior Braceletamong 6 designs.

Viking Warrior Bracelet : the meanings

Arm rings or arm bands were very common and popular among the Viking people.  Some arm bands and arm rings were very ornate however, crafted from gold and silver and would definitely have indicated a level of status. Some were like a wallet however with easy to remove pieces, others were more like a bank in that you would likely melt it down before using to trade.

Arm bands in a spiral design would commonly wrap around an arm multiple times, making it easy for one to tear or bend a piece off and still have it hold firm on the arm. Bracelet's design were often flat and quite plain in design.

  • Silver platted stainless steel
  • Unisex
  • One size fits all
  • 6 designs