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Embossed Viking Belt with Period Ring Loop Closure

This Nordic long belt has a ring loop and detailed knotwork. It is the perfect complementary piece to a tunic or Viking shirt.

  • Material: Vegan Leather
  • Length:  65 inches (165cm)
  • Width:  1.5 inches (3.5cm) 

A belt with a large buckle indicated that the wearer was of high status. Belts were also used to hold a knight's sword and other weapons, and both men and women wore them.

Viking belt design was not gender-specific. Women and children wished to have belts that were just as ornate as the men's. However, men were the only ones who could wear a belt with a large buckle. This was because only men were allowed to carry weapons.

Women did not agree with this, and they found ways around it. They would wear a belt with small knives hidden in them. This way, they could defend themselves if they needed to.

As armor developed further after the Viking age, plate armor did not need a belt to hold it up. However, wearing this kind of belt is a way to show that you are proud of your Viking heritage.