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God Odin Necklace


Odin, also called Wodan, Woden, or Wotan, one of the principal gods in Norse mythogy. His exact nature and role, however, are difficult to determine because of the complex picture of him given by the wealth of archaeological and literary sources. The Roman historian Tacitus stated that the Teutons worshiped Mercury; and because dies Mercurii (“Mercury’s day”) was identified with Wednesday (“Woden’s day”), there is little doubt that the god Woden (the earlier form of Odin) was meant. Though Woden was worshiped preeminently, there is not sufficient evidence of his cult to show whether it was practiced by all the Teutonic tribes or to enable conclusions to be drawn about the nature of the god. Later literary sources, however, indicate that at the end of the pre-Christian period Odin was the principal god in Scandinavia.

Product Details:

• Material : 925K Sterling Silver
• Chain & Pendant Weight: 19- 22 Grams
• Pendant Diameter : 4.00cm x 2.25cm / 1.60inc X 0.90inc
• Necklace Length : 18 - 20 -22 -24 inches
• Chain Thickness : 0.15 cm -( 0.06 inches )