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Natural Horn Viking Tankard

When lifelong friends get together to drink good beers, we all know that there is no place for coasters or stain-prevention napkins. Here and now it is about enjoying, forgetting the stress and reconciling with the free man in us.

And to live that reconciliation with manhood and freedom, nothing better than to toast with a cup-shaped like a Viking horn. This mug will make us forget about the formalities of today's society and will allow us to taste beer as we imagine the rude Vikings did. A true delight to enjoy with friends and cheer up after a few rounds to let out the war howl.

The Viking mug is made from 100% ox horn, heated, polished and molded handmade for an original and quality finish.Each mug is different from the rest as they are handmade giving the mug its very own characteristics. From shape to size, color and stripes, you will definitely see the difference with each ox horn mug you are purchasing.


Raw material: Ox horn
Height:15 cm
Capacity: 380ml ~ 440ml
Outstanding: Environment respect