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About Valknut

Many aspects of the Vikings still remain mysterious, like the Valknut symbol. Valknut's built up in two words: 'Valr' and 'knut'. Valr means 'slain warriors' and knut means 'knot'; The Slain Warriors Knot.

The Valknut symbol has nine points accumulated from the three triangles. Tracing back within the mythology, one can suggest the nine points are related to the nine Viking worlds connected by the tree Yggdrasil. 

One thing is certain. The Valknut symbol is a remembrance to the slain warriors that fought for the good of the Vikings, representing sacrifice, love, strength, honour love and dedication.  

The Viking spirit keeps on spinning!

Product Details

  • Excellent gift for Norse Mythology lovers and Vikings lovers
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase Focus
  • High Quality
  • Made with a premium Metal
  • One-of-a-kind, custom design
  • Not available in local shops
  • Comes with the Round Container
  • Available in Antique Silver, Antique Bronze and Antique Copper in either a box or a bag.