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Viking Raven Keychain

 Wear Munin and Hugin in your daily life with this Viking Raven Keychain.

You will feel like Odin by keeping closed to you this Viking Raven Keychain as a companion of everyday.

Viking Raven Keychain : Raven Symbol's meaning 

Odin always has his two raven companions, Hugin (Huginn)  and Munin (Munnin) on his shoulders.

Hugin is believed to represent ‘memory’, while Munin personifies ‘thought’.

Every day, Odin sends them out and they fly across the worlds to seek for important news and events. Odin surveys the worlds from Hlidskjalf and must know reports of what is going on in all Nine Worlds.

In the evening, Hugin and Munin return to Odin’s shoulders and during dinner in Valhalla, they whisper all they have heard in his ears.

  • Viking Raven Keychainavailable in 3 colors : Silver, Gold and Bronze