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Shipping Times

We are really proud of the fact that we ship to practically every country on the planet. To do this, we collaborate with a variety of suppliers, warehouses, and shipping companies, with the goal of offering timely delivery to all corners of the globe. Delivery timeframes vary based on the products you order because they are picked, packed, and shipped from a different warehouse.

In terms of delivery speed, the majority of our shipments take place as follows: 

United States, Canada, Europe and Australia - 15 to 30 business days.

Rest of the world - 15 to 30 days. 

The statistics above are, of course, estimates and averages. Your shipment may arrive sooner or later than expected.

The statistics above are, of course, estimates and averages. Your delivery may arrive sooner or later than expected. The crucial point to remember here is that once a shipment leaves one of our locations, we have no control over how quickly it gets to you. Once we enter the global logistics network, we rely on the efforts of international and domestic carriers that work tirelessly to transport shipments throughout the world.

Tracking your Package

The tracking system is not in real time, as you would anticipate when tracking your Uber on its route to you. Because not every checkpoint along the voyage is scanned into the system, there will be gaps of many days in the data you see. This is quite standard in terms of tracking, and you should not be concerned if you don't see any new tracking information for a few days.

Packages seldom, but occasionally, go misplaced or, for whatever reason, cease to move through the global logistics system. If you haven't seen any fresh tracking information for 20 days after the last entry, please contact us. In these cases, we contact the carrier for an explanation, and if we are not pleased with their response, we will reship your purchase at our expense. This is costly for us, and we receive no compensation; yet, we do it because we care about our customers and want you to receive your items as soon as possible.

A word about Covid-19

Because each country is in some type of lockdown due to the worldwide problem with Covid -19, all shipments are experiencing delays. Although the situation varies by location, certain protocol modifications that influence the global logistics network as a whole include:

  • Package screening has been increased, including cleaning and spraying at several stages throughout the voyage.
  • Social distancing and associated protocols pertaining to how warehouse and logistics personnel do their duties.
  • Staff shortages occur as a result of persons becoming ill or being unable to work owing to the dangers involved.
  • Customs processes are evolving, resulting in heightened scrutiny for items entering a nation.

The aforementioned changes in the way items are transported throughout the world result in substantially slower delivery turnaround times than were previously conceivable. Each delay adds to the problems that occur at each stage of the journey.

Please be assured that we are doing all in our power to get orders through the system as soon as possible, and we much appreciate our customers' patience during this period as the world adjusts to the situation.