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Hammer of Thor Necklace

This Hammer of Thor will make you feeling strength and bravery of Thor, the God of thunder!

This Hammer of Thor Necklace  represents Mjolnir which was able to destroy mountains.

Hammer of Thor Necklace : the meaning

 In Norse mythology, Mjolnir is the war hammer of Thor, the god of lightning, thunder, wind, rain, and oak trees. Mjolnir is the most feared weapon of the Norse gods. It was believed to be able to knock down giants and entire mountains with only one hit.

There are different stories about where the war hammer came from. One theory is that Odin had the weapon made in the heart of a supernova when Thor was born. Other stories say that it fell to Earth like a meteorite. Because of this, many Norse followers believed that lightning strikes were a sign of Mjolnir on Earth.

Mjolnir was the symbol of regeneration. It was not just about destruction.


  • Stainless Steel Hammer
  • Available in 2 colors : silver or Gold
  • Cord in leather