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Viking Wolf Head Ring

This Viking Wolf Head Ring represents Fenrir. INorse mythology , Fenrir represents savagery that ultimately cannot be controlled, even by the gods. 

 Vikings believed that by wearing a wolf's amulet like this Viking Wolf Head Ring, you would acquire its qualities such as strenght and fearlessness.

Viking Wolf Head Ring : the meaning

Fenrir is one of the most powerful beings in all the Realms, having enough power to be the one destined to kill Odin and seemingly be unstoppable to the combined might of all the dead warriors in Valhalla. He was feared by the Aesir for his immense power.

Fenrir, as a colossal wolf, has tremendous levels of vast superhuman strength. His strength is great enough to be one of the few capable of surpassing even the strength of the Norse Gods.

The wolf's head on this Viking Wolf Head Ring will give you all his power.


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