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Huginn and Muninn Necklace

Benefit from Mjolnir and Huginn & Muginn protection with this gorgeous Huginn and Muninn Necklace, handcrafted from Stainless Steel!

You can choose between 3 pendants : Mjolnir, Fenrir or Viking Axe.

Mjolnir symbol will accompany those who aspire to the noble qualities possessed by Thor, the Norse God of Thunder.

  • Handcrafted in Stainless Steel
  • 3 pendants
  • Stainless style

Viking Raven Ring - Meaning

Huginn or Muninn are a pair of ravens that fly all over Midgard, old Norse for ‘Earth’, and bring information to the god Odin. The meaning of the names Huginn and Munnin in old Norse are 'thought' and 'memory'.