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Viking Life Bracelet

 This Viking Life Bracelet engraved with norse runes symbols, will afford you Runes protection.

By wearing this Viking Life Bracelet, you will benefit from Runes power : they have great magical properties and are powerful symbols !


Viking Life Bracelet : the meaning of the Runes

There is a very strong connection between runes and Norse mythology. The great Norse God Odin himself was regarded as "Father of the Runes".

The Vikings believed runes were created when Odin speared himself to the cosmic world tree Yggdrasil in hopes of receiving secret knowledge. `

 Each rune supposedly bears the power to invoke deities, who can then help with various problems that persist in the day-to-day life. Runes servie as a connection between the physical and the supernatural world, they have the power to connect with the gods and spirits.

  • Adjustable size