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Leather Viking Hammer Bracelet

This Leather Viking Hammer Bracelet will make you proud to wear a symbol of the viking's spirit.

With the feeling on your skin of the Leather Viking Hammer Bracelet, you'll feel the power of Odin the Godfather !


Leather Viking Hammer Bracelet : the meaning

The Norse myths depict Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir as a very powerful weapon that could even level mountains. It was said to return (just like a boomerang) after being thrown. 

Thor’s Hammer was also used as a ceremonial object. It played an important role in hallowing and consecration rituals. The Mjolnir was supposed to have the power to ensure the community’s well-being and was used for blessing all important ceremonies happening in the community, including births, marriages, and, even funerals.

Thus, Thor’s Hammer not only represented destructive power but was also a symbol of protection and security from the evil and violent forces.

  • Stainless Stell 
  • Adjustable leather bracelet