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Geri and Freki Bracelet

The terminals of this heavy and chunky Geri and Freki Bracelet are decorated with the two Thor's wolves heads.

This beautiful Geri and Freki  Bracelet will offer the protection of Thor's loyal companions : Geri and Freki.

Meaning of the Geri and Freki Bracelet 

The wolves Geri and Freki attend Odin at his high throne and also at Valhalla, the residence of Odin, which is the most beautiful of all the Asgard's palaces of the gods. 

While one of the wolves sleeps, the other is awake and watches : therefore, it is impossible to surprise their master and the most powerful of the Aesir.

Geri and Freki are the god’s personal guardians.


  • 2 finishings : Bronze or Silver

  • Unisex

  • Material : Zinc Alloy