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Viking Axe Leather Bracelet

It is believed by wearing this amazing  Viking Axe leather Braceletthat such accessory is available only to the brave and strong, who are ready to deal with any  obstacles that arise in their path.

It is not surprising, that fans of Norse mythology treat this Viking Axe leather Braceletwith due care.


Viking Axe leather Bracelet : the symbol

On the battlefield, the Viking battle axe struck fear and terror into the enemy. Having a much longer reach than a sword, the Viking battle axe could very effectively cut or hook an opponent’s arm, leg, shoulder or neck from a distance. Being long and heavy, this weapon needed both hands to wield it effectively, but the cutting power of the devastating Viking battle axe was enough to rip through shield and armor. Regarding this efficiency, axe became symbol for bravery, strength, and audacity