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Viking Battle Axe Bracelet 


Wear the symbol of audacity and bravery with this Viking Battle Axe Bracelet

This B Viking attle Axe Bracelet is inspired by Viking axes, the most famous, and perhaps most common Viking weapon. Viking Battle Axe was ranged in size from hand axes to long-hafted battle axes.

The axe required far less iron, time, or skill to produce than a sword; and because it was an important tool on farms and homesteads, the Norse would have had them in hand since childhood.

Viking Battle Axe Bracelet : the meaning

As a symbol, the axe stands for bravery, strength, and audacity. It is a reminder of heritage and the accomplishments of ancestors who bent the world to their will using only what they had. It is a symbol of the berserker, and all that entails. It conveys the heart or mind's ability to cut through that which holds one back and to forge boldly ahead. 

  • Unisex
  • Stainless Steel Axe
  • Leather Bracelet