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Viking Dragon Pendant

This Viking Dragon Pendant carries the wild spirit of the dragons. Vikings believed that by wearing a dragon's amulet, you would acquire its qualities such as strenght, power and bravery. It's time for you to feel like them by wearing this powerful Viking Dragon Pendant.

Viking Dragon Pendant : the meaning

Regarding the real usage of the dragon in the Norse culture, it must be mentioned that the most wealthiest of the reputed longship were decorated with dragon heads on their bow and stern, as a sign of strength, power, and bravery. In addition, waving draco flags were sometimes on the battlefield by the Nortsemen in order to intimidate their foes. Thus, the dragon was definitely a major symbol that defined the Viking Age.

  • Chain length :  65 cm ( adjustable with +/- 5 cm )
  • Chain material : Leather
  • Pendant size : 5 cm diameter
  • 2 colors : Antique Silver and Antique Bronze