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Viking Rune Bracelet

Runes are associated to the power of Thor: feel full of strength and energy by wearing this amazing Rune Viking Bracelet.

Mix of tradition and modernity, this Rune Viking Bracelet will offer you Thor protection while wearing a modern look in your daily life.

Viking Rune Bracelet : the meaning

In the most basic sense, runes were letters, but the word rune also comes from the word for ‘secret’. Runes denoted phonetic sounds (like letters) but also had individual meanings (like the glyphs of other ancient languages). 

Runes are associated with the god Odin, who first discovered them (at great pain and effort) from the Well of Destiny. This discovery of runes means that they are not invented tools of humankind (in the cultural-religious schemata the Vikings understood) but part of the larger, deeper truth.