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Viking Runes Necklace

With this amazing  Viking Runes Necklace wear runes which played an important part in the lives of the Vikings. 

Choose the Rune you prefer for your Viking Runes Necklace, based on its meaning and benefit from Vikings protection.


Viking Runes Necklace : the meanings 

  •    : Mannaz, “man.”. Meaning: augmentation, support.
  •   : Kaunan, “ulcer.”. Meaning: mortality, pain
  •  : unknown (the rune poems are contradictory). Meaning: protection from enemies, defense of that which one loves.
  •    : Berkanan, “birch.” .Meaning: fertility, growth, sustenance.
  •    : Dagaz, “day.”. Meaning: hope, happiness.
  •  : Raidho, “journey on horseback.”. Meaning: movement, work, growth.
  •   : Ansuz, “an Aesir god.” . Meaning: prosperity, vitality. 
  •  : Hagalaz, “hail.”. Meaning: destruction, chaos.
  •  : Wunjo, “joy.”. Meaning: joy, ecstasy.
  •  : unknown. Meaning: unknown. 


  • Metals Type:Zinc Alloy
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Pendant Size:35*35mm
  • Chain Material:Cotton