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Fenrir Bracelet

With this Fenrir Bracelet,you will benefit from the giant wolf's strenght.

Made with a qualitative leather bracelet, you could bear this unique powerful symbol by wearing this Fenrir Bracelet

Fenrir Bracelet : the meaning

Fenrir is a giant wolf who lurked in the background of Norse culture, waiting for the day when he would be set free to devour as many of the Norse gods as possible.

As an adolescent, Fenrir was so large that the drool and foam which spill from his mouth formed a river. When he reached his terrible adult size, his jaws were so large that they reached from the ground to the sky when he opened them.

Fenrir had an ability that made him almost impossible to defeat: limitless growth. By the time the gods realized this, Fenrir had already grown to a monstrous size. None of the gods dared to attack him outright, so they decided to try to restrain him instead. 


Fenrir Bracelet

  •  Leather Strap color: Black, brown
  •  Length: 190 – 210 mm (adjustable at those 2 dimensions only)
  •  Width: 30.5 mm (approx.)
  • Thickness: 3 mm (approx.)