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Mjolnir Necklace with Pendant

This Mjolnir Pendant will make you feeling strength, bravery, good luck as well as Thor !

This Mjolnir Pendant is the Thor's Hammer which is associated with thunder and lightning.

 This Mjolnir Pendant, exits in 2 finishing and you have the choice between a metal or a leather chain.

Mjolnir Necklace : the meaning

The Mjölnir stands for power, strength, bravery, good luck, and protection from all harm.

Hundreds of Mjölnir amulets have been discovered in Viking graves and other Norse archaeological sites. Some experts have postulated that these amulets became increasingly popular as Vikings came into contact with Christians, as a way to differentiate themselves as followers of the Old Ways and not the strange faith of their enemies.

    • Unisex
    • Stainless Steel Hammer / size : 45*53*6mm
    • 2 chains : leather or steel chain
    • 2 colors :  Silver and  Gold & Silver