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Viking Dragon Bracelet

The terminals of this heavy and chunky Viking Dragon Bracelet are decorated with stylised Dragon heads.

This truly majestic Viking Wolf Bracelet artefact is made from Stainless Steel 


The Vikings had lots of stories of dragons and giant serpents and left many depictions of these creatures in their art. The longship – the heart and soul of the Viking – were even called "dragon ships" for their sleek design and carved dragon-headed prows


Meaning of the  Dragon Bracelet 

Dragons are as rich in symbolism as they were said to be rich in treasure. As the true, apex predator, dragons represent both great strength and great danger. With their association with hordes of gold or as the captors of beautiful women, dragons can represent opportunity through risk.

  • Diameter 65 mm
  • Unisex
  • 2 designs